If you're looking for a quick, easy way to back up folders or drives, Stickbackup is a little application that does just that.

It's a standalone application - so it doesn't need installation and can be run from a USB. Stickbackup is very basic, as you can only choose source and destination folders, and there are no options for automation or parameters for duplicate files.

Despite this simplicity, it does save your source and destination, so if you keep it on a USB pendrive you can use it to make regular backups of the files there, or of an HDD folder you wish to back up to a pendrive.

The interface is really simple, and easy to use. The only strange thing about it is that to back up your source you have to hit Continue twice. Once to prepare the backup, and again to save it to your destination. You can't make edits in between, so it's an odd thing. To compensate, once the process has finished, Stickbackup wishes you a nice day!

Stickbackup is an incredibly basic back up tool, that's portable, lightweight and efficient



Stickbackup 0.5.0

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